Shish Taoouq, the Middle Eastern Kebabs made from beef and lamb, beef steaks, chicken, or non-pork sausages are popular barbecue dishes in the region. Mangal, Arabic for a grill, is the act of grilling meat on coals outdoors and also known as “On the fire” (Hebrew: Al Ha’esh על האש). Barbecue is very popular in Israel, especially in Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel Independence day), celebrated with picnics and mangal. The meat is eaten with pita breadTehini paste, Hummus, Arabi salad, Tabouli, and other salads. Al tazaj is a Shish Taoouq chain throughout the region.


Persian-style kabob has various types. The main one is koobideh kabob, which is seasoned ground beef that is skewered and barbecued outside on a charcoal flame. There is also a marinated chicken kabob called joojeh kabob and a filet mignon steak kabob, called kabob barg. Both are skewered as well. All three main types of Persian kabob are usually served with Iranian style saffron rice and salad Shirazi, but can also be eaten with middle eastern lavash bread.


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